I need help answering consumer science questions

2.1 Describe from your experience the following cultural facets of behavior: name a cultural symbol, rite of passage and taboo.

2.4 The text provides a seven-step procedure for analyzing a foreign market. Using this procedure, analyze your country as a market for:
Automobiles from Indonesia
Men’s shoes from Korea
Expensive watches from Poland
Wine from Canada
Chapter 3
3.1 Which values are most relevant to the purchase or use of the following? Are they currently favorable or unfavorable for ownership/use? Are they shifting at all? If so, is the shift in a favorable or unfavorable direction?
Habitat for Humanity contribution
Mutual funds
Large Sport Utility Vehicles
Mountain bikes
American Express card
Chapter 7
7.2 Using a generic or branded product of your choice develop a plan for using the process of personal influence in marketing.
7.3 Describe an appeal appropriate to each category of adopter: innovator, early adopter, early majority, late majority, and laggard.

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