Discuss the primary differences in report writing documentation for both, misdemeanor and felony investigations.

Discuss, compare and contrast the primary differences between the use of internal and external statements and/or reports and when both might be utilized as well as the audience that might review either internal or external reports and investigations.

All papers must be completed through the lens of a Biblical Worldview where students will incorporate appropriate biblical passages and/or resources.
The Research Paper must include the following elements:
• Title Page;
• Introduction;
• Body (including an Introduction, Body Paragraphs/Argument Section, and Conclusion); and
• Reference Page
All components of the Research Paper must be written using current APA formatting and must specifically focus upon and discuss the topics listed above.

The title page must use proper formatting as set by the APA style guide. The Introduction must be between 150–250 words and provide a clear summary of the paper.

The body of the Research Paper 3 must be comprised of 5–7 pages of content. The Title Page and Reference Page are not included in the page count. The introduction must include background information on the topics discussed, a well-written thesis statement, and a preview of points. The body must thoroughly discuss the elements listed, to include the information that might be required to complete both, misdemeanor and felony investigations. 

Additionally, the papers should provide an in-depth discussion regarding the purpose of internal statements in comparison to external statements or reports and the circumstances under which either may be completed and submitted. Further, the paper should discuss the audience that might review these reports and the impact that improper documentation might have upon the report as well as the investigation.
The Reference Page must include at least 5 scholarly/industry sources published within the last five years. The sources must be cited both in the body of the paper as well as in the Reference Page. Biblical references do not count toward the citation requirement.





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